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Are you new to fishing and looking to find the best fishing rods to get a head start in becoming a successful fisherman? Consider yourself fortunate to have found this website. Below are 3 things we are going to focus on on this website:

  1. We review hundreds of the most popular fishing rods and rank them to help you pick one
  2. We offer you free fishing tips that assist in building the foundation of your skill set
  3. When we don’t have a solution, we find you the resources that will give you the answers.

How does that sound? If it sounds good to you, then read on.

Let’s be honest. If you’re going to go fishing, fishing rods are extremely crucial. They are what lets us cast our lures, put the bait to work and, most importantly, pull the fish in. However, with so many fishing rods flooding the market, how can you be certain that you’re getting the proper one for your needs? Selecting between casting, spinning, and graphite poles can become extremely confusing. Additionally, the number of rods that can vary in length as well as the different actions on each model make the fishing rod buying experience a little overwhelming.

We are going to endeavor making the process a little more cut and dried for you.

Casting Rods

Known as the real meat and potatoes of the fishing spectrum, Casting Rods are capable of handling huge lures as well as heavy lines. This type of rod is perfect for most fishing scenarios that you may face. Actually, being perfectly honest with you, 85% of my fishing is done by using casting equipment. If it weren’t for casting rods, some of my personal fishing techniques, such as deep cranking, flipping, topwater slop, or spinnerbaiting would be impossible.

Granted, there is a time and place for spinning rods. Even though a lot of folks that are new to angling approach the casting reel with caution, mainly because of some nonsense. When they discover how to use them properly, they figure out that it’s easy and comfortable fishing gear to work with. Additionally, if you intend on tossing buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, cranks, jerkbaits, big topwaters, pitching and flipping, or toads, learning to love the casting rod is essential.

Spinning Rods

Despite the casting rod performing most of the work, there are plenty of instances where spinning gear is needed. Micro Cranks and topwaters, not to mention specific finesse techniques call for using the spinning rod. Having such a stature, this rod lets you make use of lighter line and is better equipped for using smaller bait.

Too avoid getting too deep into it, fishing that doesn’t call for a lot of power should be performed with spinning rods. Just remember that and understanding which rod type to use will become much easier for you.

Fishing Rod Materials

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Fly Fishing Is A Favorite

The majority of the Best Fishing Rods currently available are built from graphite. Graphite rods are exceptionally light, creating a distinct edge for those day-long fishing trips. Sensitivity comes along with lightness , letting an angler feel every weed, bump, or strike. This is particularly effective whenever you’re experiencing bad weather (the sensitivity is very critical in adverse weather).

Graphite rods are often marked with a modulus rating. Contrary to popular belief, modulus ratings are not utilized in order to describe the number of graphite fibers incorporated into the rod blank, but instead a word used to explain the basic stiffness of the graphite. The stiffer the rod is, the higher the modulus rating will be. Unless you’re big into crankbaiting, stick to using graphite rods for all of your bass fishing needs.

A composite rod is manufactured with graphite as well as fiberglass. Composite rods, usually called cranking rods, display the type of lightness and sensitivity that is typical of graphite, while also supplying the durability and “soft-tip feel” of fiberglass. A lot of anglers go with a composite rod to work with crankbaits since it provides the necessary give whenever a fish bites and yet not so stiff that you pull the hooks out on the initial hookset.

A lot of fishing rod companies are manufacturing composite rods particularly singling out crankbait fans.  If cranking is among your favorite techniques, a composite rod is something you should consider checking out.

Fishing Rod Definitions

The action of a rod is a word used to explain the stiffness or flexibility that it displays.

Extra Fast — This style of rod will only bend towards the upper tip. A rod like this is perfect when fishing heavy cover — slop, docks or wood — when getting the fish up and away from cover is essential to your success. You can put more pressure on the fish whenever the rod is extra fast.

Fast Action —A fast action rod bends in the upper 25 to 30% of the rod. Each provides anglers with power and flex, which is crucial whenever throwing soft sticks, topwaters, spinnerbaits, and jerkbaits.

Moderate Action —Typically, these rods bend in the middle and will also be an easier cast that what you will find with an extra fast or fast action rod. This is mainly due to the rod loading. Is perfect for finesse techniques and light lines.


The power rating explains the rods strength overall. Power ratings begin at ultra light and cap out at extra heavy, however for bass fishing, a medium, medium/heavy, heavy or extra heavy power rating will be good for just about any situation you encounter, not to mention any of the lures you toss. The higher the power rating is, the heavier the lures you’re capable of tossing; rods that have a smaller power rating are better at casting light rods, however sometimes do not possess the backbone to handle big fish.


Rod guides are an essential key in rod design. Quality guides help in securing longer casts and reduces the friction in the line. Good guide location assists in spreading out the stress on the blank whenever fighting a fish.

Titanium and ceramic guides each do an outstanding job and are of the highest quality. A couple of the most popular guides available are Fuji’s Hardloy,REC Nickel Titanium Recoil, and Silicon Carbide.